Friday Links / 2

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+ Ten trigger words to ban from your emails. I am an ‘unfortunately’ offender.

+ It’s stressful being the president.

+ This post on minimalism really spoke to me: “Maybe we strive for reduction and restraint in our lives to deal with chaos and uncertainty. Maybe it’s easier to sell a minimalist facade than it is to need fewer things emotionally. Even when we achieve it, nothing is ever perfectly manicured for long. There’s always something new to process.”

+ Every single Halloween TV marathon in one spot. Amock amock amock!

+ Why my kids need to watch more TV.

+ How to get your shop ready for the holidays. It’s coming up fast!

Four Favorite Fonts

Four Favorite Fonts / Brittany Garner Design

Hollyhock / Bless Your Heart / Luella / Sudestada

How I’m Stopping the Glorification of Busy


I’m not sure when I started answering “busy” instead of “fine” when asked how I’m doing. It’s become second nature to let everyone know just how much I have on my plate and ohmygoodness I just don’t know when I’ll ever be not-busy again. I’m over it. Yes, I’m busy. I am also productive. I am organized. I am thriving. I am doing something I love. I am busy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I read this post and this phrase has been turning over and over again in my mind ever since:

I am wildly productive and living the dream.

Genius. So, to illustrate that in my own life, I’m going to make a few changes:

Learn to say no. This is so tough. One of my biggest goals for BGD is to make it my full-time job so I’ve always had it in my head that saying no to any client was pushing me farther from that goal. I’ve realized, after taking on a few difficult and draining clients, that the opposite is true. When you do the work that makes your heart happy everything else will fall in line. It’s not doing me any favors if I dread the work I have to do that day. I become such a better designer and all-around human being when I’m excited for it, when I embrace it.

Time out. I don’t mean this in a cliche, taking time out for myself is sooo important kind of way. I literally mean, consciously take time out of my day every day to not think about work. I have already been trying to put this in to practice in the evenings and man, it’s hard. I will close my office door so it’s not visible from the living room. I will put my phone upstairs so I don’t mindlessly check my email.

Technology help. Turning notifications off on my phone, using the “later” feature on my Mailbox App and making it clear on social media and my Etsy shop policies when my working hours are.

A schedule, sort of. My brain operates better if I have a rough outline of what the day will look like. A to do list helps. I think it will also be helpful to implement a schedule that I do certain tasks on certain days. For example: Shipping days are Monday and Friday. Create new content for the blog Tuesday mornings. Thursdays are when I foil prints. Now, to implement it.

Retrain the brain: Instead of looking at a full schedule and full to do list as something daunting (which 9 times out of 10 leads to procrastination), focus that energy in to patience, productivity and sprinkles of creativity.