The Biz: Branding BGD


It’s been over a year since I branded my business and (shocker!) I haven’t grown tired of it. I am actually thrilled about this and it’s taught me a few things:

Putting in the time to create something I’m proud of. The idea of branding (or doing any work for) myself used to feel like a waste of precious time. But in reality, it actually has saved me time as far as routine and consistency.

+ Consistency is key. It’s fun when family/friends start to recognize your aesthetic and know when a product is yours. It’s even more fun when a stranger recognizes it. Keeping everything consistent — packaging, photos, blog, etc. has helped with that.

+ Fun extras are…fun. With every order I include a card with my social media information, a thank you coupon code and a handwritten message from me. Each card adds a little time to the packaging process but I’ve found it to be a huge asset for my business. Just a fun little personalized way of telling my clients how thankful I am for them — and a great way to get people talking about my products on social media. Another part of this is my redesigned site that was truly a labor of love.


+ The Blend works for me. For awhile, I attempted to keep my business/personal online identity separate. I thought that’s what my clients would want. What I found is that I received far more engagement on business-related posts when I started to share personal stories along side them. Not to mention how stressful it is trying to live two lives within the same sphere. Balance of the two is unrealistic. I am a human and this is my life — a crossover of design, family and living a pretty average life. The Blend of personal/work life doesn’t work for everyone but it does for BGD.

What tips have you found useful while branding yourself and your business?


Welcome to the New!


I DID IT. I kind of can’t believe it but I stumbled my way through migrating my blog from Blogger to WordPress, figured out hosting, learned how to use WordPress, themes, parent themes (all of the things that make my head spin) and was able to make this site somewhat functional. I know I still have a long way to go and a whole lot to learn but man, I’m so happy it’s up and running. Web design is not for the faint of heart. I have multiple college web design classes under my belt and this just about killed me. Thank goodness for the Internet and awesome, established web designers who share their knowledge in the form of super helpful tutorials that are dumbed down for people like me. You all rock my world.

I have to be honest that this site is only my plan for the short term, I hope to eventually work with an awesome web designer who actually knows what the hell they’re doing to incorporate my shop and make things a little prettier/more functional. But, baby steps. :)


My shop is officially reopened as of today. So ch ch check it out.

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Be Right Back

The Garner fam is moving! Please bear with me as we stumble through this transition with a helpless pregnant lady and toddler underfoot. And send Tyler all of the virtual alcohol available.

The Deets:
+ The BGD Shop is now closed until April 21st.

+ The shop itself will remain open for purchasing but orders will not begin to be fulfilled until after the 21st. Orders placed on or before April 8th will be fulfilled according to their original timeline.

+ I will be available sporadically via Etsy and email — working from my phone until we get internet and all that fun stuff operational.