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Christmas Cheer mugs are currently on sale and going so fast. You’ll have to wait until next year to snag one once they sell out!

I am a Serial addict. Here’s a list of seven other podcasts to listen to if you love it too.

A cozy little 86 square foot apartment.

I didn’t cook this is so fun. And the beautiful food photos, heart eyes for days.

These awesome things women said this year gave me chills.

I worry about my upcoming venture in to being a work at home mom. This post came to me at exactly the right time:
I haven’t lost myself in my children. My position doesn’t request your approval or disapproval. My position requests an understanding that the fire in your belly is the same as the fire in my belly. And the moment we stop thinking we should do things, we free ourselves to listen to our true life’s missions (we are complicated; we have more than one; we can change our minds). I don’t believe any authentic calling is common or unimportant.

Four Favorite Fonts


Cantoni Pro / Mountain Retreat / Showcase Slab / Rolling Pen

Productivity Boosters

ProductivityBoostersI’m coming off a wonderfully productive “maternity leave” from my day job. I had two full days where Harrison was in school and got about 80% of my work done on those days. I would then use a combo of mornings before Tyler went to work and evenings after the boys were asleep to get the other work done, taking weekends for myself and family. It was GLORIOUS. Here are a few of my tips and tricks I used to get my booty in gear for those super productive days.

1. My TV was off all day. I used to be the person that had the TV on allllll the time because I thought the background noise was helping me work. Nope. I realized when I had it off for the entire day, I was more focused overall. (And not tempted to take constant breaks to watch the Real Housewives. Ha!)

2. A Killer Playlist. I depend on Spotify and a whole lot of Taylor Swift and Lil Jon to get me through. A broad range of musical talents are on my radar, what can I say.

3. Podcasts. For motivation, for ideas, for inspiration or for distraction. I started listening to Serial while in a creative funk. I strapped the baby to my chest, put my headphones in and walked. I walked around our neighborhood what must have been 399 times and listened to that first 53 minute episode. (So damn good, by the way.)

4. A To Do List and a Done List. A to do list jotted down first thing in the morning is the key to keeping me on task all day. A done list is where I jotted down everything I accomplished, as I accomplished them. I even started putting household chores on it because, let’s face it, chores are lame. But by putting every task on your Done List, it’s like a visual pat on the back at the end of the day.

After we get settled in Sacramento, I hope to put this routine back in to practice and get back to my three day work week.

What do you do to make your days productive?