Selling on Etsy tips + tricks.

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Product Photos // This is number one for a reason. Eye-catching photos will draw in customers, get the attention of Etsy staff (features in Etsy emails that go out daily!) and up your chances of being placed in treasuries which means more views of your product. So what makes an eye catching photo? It comes down to four main categories:

  • Lighting: Near a window on a cloudy day is the absolute best lighting. Background is dependent on your product but clean, plain backgrounds are usually best so as to not detract from the product itself.
  • Focus: Learn your device! Whether you’re shooting with a big fancy camera or your iPhone, each takes technique and practice to focus where you want it to and it will make all the difference.
  • Editing: This is a whole post in itself but whatever you do, do not over-edit. I know it’s so tempting to tweak a photo in every which direction because you can but when you learn to take good product photos, you’ll realize editing will be minimal. (Can you tell I was a terrible over-editor at one point?)
  • Consistency: There should be something that ties all of your photos together. This is something that is always a work in progress for me. For my mugs, I have my hand holding them on the yellow background. Super simple and clean.

BGD Wine Mug

Branding // It is so important to have a clear message across your entire shop. From your header to your policies, be clear and consistent. By doing this, you will provide better customer service to your customers and have less convos to keep up with as they won’t have as many questions–everything will be answered by clicking around your shop.

SEO // Search engine optimization. Oh, how I loathe thee. This is one of those “necessary evils” of doing business on the internet–not just Etsy! I recommend this post and this podcast as a general overview of how it all breaks down along with some great tips on how to tackle this SEO monster.

Customer Service // Keeping a positive attitude in interaction with customers is always the right answer, even when it’s very, very hard to do so. Along with this, and something I struggle with, is to not take any feedback to heart–whether it’s good or bad. Just keep doing the work, stay humble and you’re bound to do well.

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recent birthday stationery.

There are a crap load of custom birthday invitations that I’ve done over the past year that I have yet to share. Why? Because I suck and have been procrastinating. But lucky you, here are three of my favorites from last year:

3rd Birthday Football InvitationA football inspired TOUCHDOWN! 3rd birthday invitation customized with the birthday boy’s favorite team’s colors and details for his celebration.

Grace and Ana 4th BirthdayI’m a sucker for a rainbow color scheme. Grace and Ana celebrate their 4th birthday with a rainbow pizza party!

Jack's 1st birthdayOne of my favorite birthday themes of all time! Inspired by little Jack’s middle name, Leviathan, we were able to create a fun invitation with sea creature touches.

Want a custom birthday invite of your very own? Email me and let’s chat!

5 Things


1. Dare I say we’re actually starting to feel settled? I mean, you wouldn’t know it with the 400 boxes still unpacked and laundry piles everywhere but mentally…yep, I feel like I’m ready to live here. That’s not to say I’m not totally homesick for Chico but I can definitely see myself living here and making a life here. Just one day at a time.

2. I have never felt like more of an adult in the process it took to move here. You know, those tasks that are necessary but by doing them there’s no denying that you are a grown ass person? Like buying a refrigerator. Or hiring a nanny. Or showing up at an even where you don’t know one goddamn person because you’re desperate to get out of the house and have an adult conversation with someone, anyone! Anyone who will listen.

3. Current phrases on repeat in the G-Unit household: “Stop picking your brother’s nose”; “Please don’t roll your brother” and “We keep our wiener in our undies.” I bet you can’t guess who these are directed to.

4. The January Mug of the Month is almost sold out! This is going to be a fun year of mugs, I already know it. Make sure to get your anxiously waiting to go home and take off my pants mug before it’s gone for good!

5. A few things I’m currently LOOOVING: this backpack as a diaper bag + these folders + this planner.

Happy weekend, friends!