The March mug of the month + February recap

Mug of the Month is a project I’m working on for all of 2015. I’ll be bringing to life some of the mug ideas I have bouncing around in my head (there are an obscene amount of ideas in there) and selling them at a deep discount to gauge interest. 

I knew loved the February mug but I had no idea how popular it’d be! I sold out of all 28 discounted mugs the first day. Needless to say, the Britney mug is now a regular in the shop and I’m THRILLED. It’s truly one of my favorites of all time. Because of the quick sell out, the wait time for shipping seemed long to some people.. My goal for March is to make it clear(er) to buyers  that the Mug of the Month doesn’t ship until the end of the month.

AND SO. Let’s get to it, shall we? Here is the March #BGDMotM!



I’ve wanted to venture in to the land of travel mugs for awhile but WHERE TO BEGIN. There are so many options! I’ve decided to stick with a tried and true bestselling design to ease in to it. And a pink lid…of course.

• 40 March mugs available! These will sell out fast, so don’t miss out!
• Mugs will ship the last week of the month (at the latest, March 30)
• Show your mug in action on Instagram for a chance to win next month’s mug! Use hashtag #BGDMotM!


Check out past month’s mugs here + let me know what you think in the comments below!

My favorite creative resources // 02

CONSULTING // Personalized Etsy Shop Critique

I would have killed to have access to something like this my first few years in business. Danielle Spurge, the founder and mastermind behind The Merriweather Council is offering a professional audio/visual critique, personalized notes and follow up to make your Etsy shop better! What cool insight to have from a seller who has been doing the Etsy game right for almost five years.

PODCAST // Being Boss
I can’t even explain how much I love this podcast. Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson are not only badass business people but they are full of practical knowledge that applies so much to my own life. And maybe the best part? They are both so likable and down to earth. My absolute favorite episode so far is the most recent, Being Boss and Being A Mom. Mostly I relate to the having kids and running a business is a shitshow sentiment and it is so nice to know I’m not alone.

I consider Instagram a huge part of my business and I value my following there. I view it as the place where I tell my story–the place where all of my worlds collide including life as a mom, business owner and regular human being. Instagram is so visual and I do my best to post high quality photos regularly. That being said, I hardly ever have time to break out the Canon Rebel, upload, edit, save, send to phone, post on Insta–which kind of defeats the purpose of the social medium anyway. So I use VSCO to edit the photos I take with my iPhone, every single time. It is the best.

What are your favorite creative resources?

A December To Remember + The Aftermath

Now that I’m a full month past the busiest, most stressful month of my life I’m at a place where I can reflect, learn and grow from it. December 2014 just about did me in. The reasons for this are complicated but a hearty mixture of business and personal played a role. Along with some outside interference. Let me set the stage.

At the beginning of November, Tyler got a new job! Which is awesome and he loves it and he’s totally deserving. So November was a whirlwind of finding a new place to live in a city 1.5 hours away, turning in my notice to my day job that I’ve worked at for 9 years and figuring out the logistics of a large move with two small children. That craziness aside, the holiday rush had hit my business hard (in the best way!) so in between the craziness we had packaging parties until midnight most nights.

Enter December.

Packed and ready to go, shop put on notice, processing times extended, etc. Then, we get word that the move is postponed one full week due to unforeseen circumstances.

Enter panic.

For one full week we ate out for every meal, re-wore the same clothes until the were questionable and tried not to kill each other. And for one full week, I stumbled through running BGD. I’m sure there are people who still think I’m a complete idiot. Some of the messages I sent, trying to explain the situation, are embarrassing. I was digging through literally one hundred boxes searching for my scissors or gold foil or packaging tape or WHATEVER to do a simple task. And you know the thing that was the hardest? Knowing we couldn’t put up a real Christmas tree until mid-month. I am so rational. I shed more tears that week than any adult human should but we made it. (Barely, but that’s beside the point.) I can’t say that I’m a better person for it, that shit is stressful, but I am more flexible for it.

Packaging craziness - December 2014

Tyler pulled out our mini tree to try and quell my crazy.

Then, we finally make the move. (Moving in itself is a ton of work, yeah?) Get settled in just in time to get the last 80 orders out before the USPS shipping deadline. We are depending on mugs arriving from the printer on a certain day to have them out in time and (can you guess what happened?) they don’t show up. This was a mix up out of my control. I arrange to pick up the mugs from the shipping facility when they do finally arrive and we had exactly 4 hours to package everything up and get them the eff out of our house.

Should I skip to the good news?

The good news is we were able to get every single order promised out on time. I’m not sure how. Tyler is a rockstar and me… well, I’m just glad I escaped with my sanity.

My takeaway from December 2014 has given me a few new rules/goals:

  • We are never moving in December ever, ever again.
  • Our backstock will be plumped up in September.
  • We are hiring help for the holiday season from here on out.

January left me feeling a little burnt out. I took longer to respond to messages, procrastinated on ordering supplies and doing every day tasks. I did that thing where I’d wander through my office, pace back and forth for a few minutes indecisive about where to start. I couldn’t pinpoint it until February hit and I felt a renewed sense of optimism. Kind of how people feel in January with the new year, new start thing? Mine just took an extra month to kick in. And maybe it’s not only because of The December That Should Not Be Named, maybe it is. Either way, I’m feeling a renewed excitement for 2015.

Here we go.