Cyber Monday Sale at BGD + Some Catch Up

A Weekend of Sales at BGD

Our last sale of the year is wrapping up over in the shop. 20% off everything with code BGDSHOPSMALL. I am in awe of the support shown to my small business this year and it gets me really excited for 2015. More on that below.

And while I have your attention, let’s catch up a bit.

Today is my last day at my day job. It’s really bittersweet leaving a place that I basically grew up in. I have more to share on this but I’m not sure when I’ll be able to write it all down without eyes full of tears.

Tuesday we are packing up the truck and heading south. Moving…again. Tyler and I joke that the next move will be to buy a house and we will die in that bitch.

I’m caught up enough in the shop to take a few days off from fulfilling orders but I may not have Internet right away so responding to messages will be tough. Bear with me as we make this transition.

I’m working on my plan for 2015 and, guys, it’s going to be an exciting one. Stay tuned in this space for details. I can’t wait to share them with you.

Happy December, my friends!

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Christmas Cheer mugs are currently on sale and going so fast. You’ll have to wait until next year to snag one once they sell out!

I am a Serial addict. Here’s a list of seven other podcasts to listen to if you love it too.

A cozy little 86 square foot apartment.

I didn’t cook this is so fun. And the beautiful food photos, heart eyes for days.

These awesome things women said this year gave me chills.

I worry about my upcoming venture in to being a work at home mom. This post came to me at exactly the right time:
I haven’t lost myself in my children. My position doesn’t request your approval or disapproval. My position requests an understanding that the fire in your belly is the same as the fire in my belly. And the moment we stop thinking we should do things, we free ourselves to listen to our true life’s missions (we are complicated; we have more than one; we can change our minds). I don’t believe any authentic calling is common or unimportant.

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